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Buccoo Reef Glass Bottom Kayak Eco Tour

Frontier Divers invites you to experience the best of both worlds with the only glass bottom kayak tour on the island. If you are an eco enthusiast then you would love this nature tour that allows you to visit our unique eco system of the Buccoo Reef.

Kayak eco tour

1hr 45mins to 2hrs. 


Kayak Tour

$45USD/$306.00TTD per person

Minimum 2 Persons

Kids under 12 years  

$30USD/$204.00TTD per child

Group rates are available

6 persons and more


Our adventure begins with a 5 minute drive to the launch site, we would first explore the Buccoo Reef mangrove lagoon which is the home for various species of nesting birds, reptiles and sea life, with it’s consistently calm waters and almost no wind the mangrove lagoon also acts as   a natural sheltered harbour in times of rough weather for the local marine operators it is also a spurning ground for the Buccoo Reef fish life.


We would then venture out to the world famous Nylon Pool, a natural forming sand bank in middle of the Buccoo Reef, it was given its name by princess Margaret in 1962 for having water clear as Nylon and warm like a pool. With only three to five feet of water, it’s great for swimming.


Our last stop would be the Coral Gardens for those whose love is being as one with nature. We will provide Snorkel gear but for those who only want a peek then you would be most comfortable viewing from the glass bottom kayak,


Our trip ends with a tour along the pigeon point coast straight in to store bay beach.


Departure Time:

Launch time would vary, please contact office for pre arrange time of departure.


Is it suitable for kids?

Yes. All kids 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


What should I bring along?   

We would provide Bottled water, Snorkel gear and life jackets. You can bring your camera, suitable foot wear, bathing suit, and hat and put on your sun block. Make sure and have your water proof bag if you camera isn’t water proof.


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